The school was started on 9th August 1909 as a pure Technical School providing a 3 – year course in Woodwork and Metalwork.    It was then called Accra Technical School and was sited at the current location of Kimbu Secondary Technical School, Accra.  It was founded in response to the growing demand for technical education at that time and its purpose was to train artisans to man the essential services of the Gold Coast i.e Transport and Communications, Public Works Department and Electrical Supply Commission.


It was transferred to Takoradi in 1939 and later sent to the Elmina Castle in 1940.  This was to give way to the British Royal Air Force to use the school.  It was however closed down in 1941 because of the 2nd World War.  It was re-opened in 1947 in Takoradi at its present site.  In 1953, the school became Government Secondary Technical School (G.S.T.S).  It however became government assisted in 1970 and became known as Ghana

Secondary Technical School.  It has kept the initials G.S.T.S.


The school is the first Secondary Technical School in the country.  It started with 19 students but currently has a population of 2,448 students.  It is interesting to note that five (5) girls have passed through the school.  They passed through from 1991 to 1993.  They were among the first batch of the Senior Secondary School Programme. The school’s motto is in Latin – “Mente et Manu” which means “With Mind and Hand”.



School Profile- Enrolment, Class Size, Tuition, Accreditation, Academic Schedule

The school currently runs a three-year program in General Science, Technical and General Arts.

It has a teaching staff strength of 87 and non-teaching staff of 69 (totalling 157).


Ghana Secondary Technical School (G.S.T.S.) – Takoradi continues to be one of the oversubscribed schools in the country when it comes to selection by BECE Candidates in their choice for second cycle school to attend. The school has carved a niche for itself in the areas of academics, discipline, sports, good moral values etc.

The Science Classes have eight streams in each year group, i.e, first year, second year and third year with a population of 1484 forming 60.62% of the total student population.


The General Arts Classes have two streams in the first- and third-year groups and three streams in the second-year group, with a population of 458 forming 18.71% of the total student population.


The Technical Classes have three streams in the first-year classes and two streams in the second- and third-year groups with a total population of 506 forming 20.67%


The table below gives a breakdown of student population in terms of year group, track system and residential status